Dog & Bone LockSmart

Padlocks have unchangingly been pretty straightforward, haven't they? Simply lock one up and alimony its key in a unscratched place so you can unshut it up again. Not much increasingly to it, is there?

Actually, there are a number of ways in which padlocks can evolve in order to provide expanded functionality and ease of use.

For starters, you have to get new physical keys made and distributed if increasingly than one person (i.e. a friend, housemate or family member) needs to wangle what's overdue the lock.

You moreover have to alimony a key on you or nearby in order to unlock it regularly, and really, who needs or wants flipside key to siphon around?

Personally, every time I want to leave through the when door of my house, I have to walk inside, find the key to the when gate, walk when outside, unlock the padlock, walk inside and put the key yonder again, then come when out in order to pass through it. That's a whole lot of back-and-forth to unzip an extremely simple task.


With the rising popularity of smart home traps that wield wireless functionality to relatively mundane items, it makes sense that a padlock would be next.

With that in mind, the idea of keyless Bluetooth padlock that I can unlock with my phone (which is on me scrutinizingly always) starts to seem like a perfect solution to all of my first world problems.

Dog & Bone has created exactly that with its LockSmart Bluetooth Keyless Padlock, and it's managed to do so with only a couple of minor downsides.

Having spent the holiday season with the LockSmart padlock, we've put the device through its paces to see if the widow convenience is worth the forfeit (AU$130/US$90/£63). Will it transpiration the way you squint at padlocks forever? It just might...


As you'd expect, Dog & Bone's LockSmart is a hefty piece of kit, with the kind of weighty, solid build that you'd want from something that keeps your possessions safe.

It's got a tough stainless steel shackle and a die-cast Zamak-3 zinc transfuse body, giving the padlock upper tensile and impact strength.

Red rubber bumpers on the front and when of the padlock provide some protection for your belongings while moreover giving the LockSmart a bit of widow style (surely one of the most important factors in deciding which padlock to purchase). The LockSmart is moreover weather-proof, so leaving it out in the rain, hail, or lattermost unprepossessed is no issue.


On the marrow of the lock is a red rubber flap which opens up to reveal a micro-USB port for charging the device and a sawed-off you'll need to printing to sync the lock to your phone and moreover wake it (it turns off completely when not stuff used to conserve shower – increasingly on that later).

Though it's quite obvious (being a keyless lock and all), it should be noted that the lock does not have a keyhole or any form of key zingy unlock mechanism.

In terms of security, Dog & Bone's Bluetooth padlock provides 128-bit wide encryption, as well as a 256-bit deject generated private key, which admittedly won't do a lot versus a pair of strong vendibles cutters. Still, at least you know that your stuff will be unscratched from vendibles cutter-less hackers.


In order to tenancy the LockSmart keyless padlock, you'll need to download Dog & Bone's LockSmart app (available for both iOS and Android).

The first thing you'll need to do is create an worth with Dog & Bone. This allows you to log in from any phone and take tenancy of your padlock, meaning you don't have to worry well-nigh your padlock when you sooner get a new handset.

Once you've paired the padlock to your phone, it will towards in a list within the app. Here, you can name the padlock whatever you want, which is helpful if you have increasingly than one of them paired.


You can segregate one of three variegated methods of unlocking your LockSmart padlock. Tap to unlock is the least secure method, simply permitting you to tap on a picture of your selected padlock to unshut it up. Touch ID (or Fingerprint on Android phones) is much increasingly secure, permitting you to use your phone's fingerprint sensor to unlock the LockSmart – something only you can do. If your smartphone doesn't have a fingerprint sensor, you can moreover use Passcode mode.

Though the app is nicely designed and very easy to use, we did occasionally get a "Bluetooth session timed out" message on our first struggle at unlocking the LockSmart. When this did happen, we'd simply try then and the device would unlock as normal.

One of the weightier features of the LockSmart keyless padlock is the worthiness to share unlocking privileges to up to 50 people. This allows multiple people to use the lock without having to share keys or get extras made.

The LockSmart app lets you invite a new user by sending a person on your phone's contact list an SMS with instructions explaining how to download the app and connect to your padlock.

Admittedly, the LockSmart would sometimes find itself overwhelmed if increasingly than one person would try to connect to it at virtually the same time. In these instances, one person would alimony well-constructed tenancy while the other would be left searching for a connection.

Thankfully, once the other person's connection dropped out (after a minute or so), tenancy would transfer over to the next person. While that scenario can be slightly annoying, it isn't one that would come up with much regularity.

Another drawback to having a Bluetooth-enabled padlock is that it needs to be recharged. Thankfully, the LockSmart goes into Power Save Mode when it isn't stuff used, providing you with up to 2 years of functionality surpassing it needs to be recharged again.

You moreover don't have to worry well-nigh the padlock running out of battery, as you can trammels your lock's shower level at any time (within range of the device) from your LockSmart app. You'll moreover receive prompts and notifications reminding you to recharge.

Having used our review unit for a couple weeks, with regular unlocks several times a day, our LockSmart is still at a full 100% charge, so it's easy to believe that it'll last as long as it says it will surpassing needing to be plugged in again.


It's easy to fall for Dog & Bone's smart padlock – watching the LockSmart unlock itself over Bluetooth never gets old.

Its sturdy, solid build moreover fills you with conviction in its worthiness to alimony your belongings secure.

We love the way that unlocking privileges can be shared with up to 50 friends, completely eliminating the need for uneaten keys that could be lost or stolen.

And, unlike regular locks, it moreover lets you know when your friends have been unlocking it, so you'll never be unprotected off-guard. Its worriedness log moreover makes it easier to alimony track of who's had wangle to the items the lock is protecting.

Admittedly, the idea of a padlock that needs to be recharged is somewhat off-putting, however, its long 2-year shower life and recharge reminders should quell most of those concerns.

While we did wits the odd connection issue (usually due to multiple users attempting to wangle the LockSmart simultaneously), it's not the kind of thing that would happen commonly unbearable to warrant any serious bother.